We are delighted to finally present a comprehensive website that will allow all our alumni across the world to reconnect with each other. We live in exciting times with technology allowing unprecedented connectivity and access. Our website covers past, present, and future events. It allows viewers to be updated on current projects, school news, and have access to a database that includes all ex J. B its till the present. In addition, by posting upcoming events held by the Alumni Association, we hope to reconnect our members frequently and in real time. Our hope is that eventually, members from all over will use their expertise, wisdom, and skills to grow this organization so that together with our Alma Mater we can move EVER FORWARD! 

recent event

Naheed Divecha

Ms. Dastoor's Farewell

18th April 2018

09:45 AM

Our Alumni committee at Ms. Dastoor’s farewell after completing nearly 38 years at JB The JBPAA gifted a small token of appreciation for her 38 years of sevice towards JB Petit. Ms. Dastoor in her usual gentle manner wrote back... Thank you, Naheed and all the Alumni for your kind gesture of being there yesterday and for your very generous gift. It was appreciated more because it was unexpected. I, on my part, will always remember you all most fondly. Love, Veera Dastoor.
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